Concrete volute pumps (CVP) for polder development in Singapore

Waco is going around the world! Recently, Waco has been busy with the production of eight concrete volute pumps (CVP). These pumps are intended for the polder development of an area in Singapore.

Polder development in Singapore

In the northwest of Pulau Tekong, Singapore’s first polder is being developed. This method of land reclamation will substantially reduce Singapore’s reliance on the sand. To keep the land dry, the drainage system pumps excess rainwater back to the sea. Besides, a water channel will be created to support the growth of the mangroves.

A precise job

On behalf of Bosman Water Management, Waco produced eight concrete volute pumps for this project. Verhoeven Timmerfabriek made the complex mould, which consists of several parts. To be able to remove the mould, it has to be dismantled in the right order. A meticulous job. 

Concrete volute pumps of Waco

For this project, Waco produced a total of eight precast CVP. One CVP can pump up to 4 m³ per second and weighs 17 ton. Due to the experience within Concrete Valley with more complex shapes, Waco was awarded the contract. View all the projects of Waco here. 

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