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Waco offers concrete products for offshore construction, residential development, industrial and civil projects. We use modern technologies for the engineering, design and production of precast structural and architectural elements. This reduces the onsite work for our clients to a minimum.



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Waco works on the new bond street ticket halls.
London, UK

“The pressure on one of London’s busiest public transport hubs will soon be relieved by drawing people just a little further south to the new Bond Street tube station. This station has two new ticket halls which provide access to the Jubilee Line, the Central Line and the new Elizabeth Line. The natural stone-clad superstructure of both ticket halls is produced and installed by Waco. The External appearance of both ticket halls matches the architecture of the surrounding buildings.” 

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Europe’s longest jetty, located in the 7th petroleum harbour, Rotterdam

Rotterdam Europoort is one of the busiest ports in the world and is often referred to as the (industrial) gateway to Europe. The 7th Petroleum harbour includes a jetty for the Rotterdam Port Authority. Waco produced and transported the precast elements for the jetty by water. The use of precast elements for the jetty allowed the main contractor to achieve more build / project efficiency. With a 650-metre concrete deck, the jetty is Europe’s longest.

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Worldwide, (reinforced) concrete is the most common product used to construct bridges. The material is known for its high performance, long life, and versatility in forms as well as methods of construction. Whatever the requirements or the design, working with concrete means you are opting for a cost-effective, easy to construct and quickly delivered solution. Bridges produced by Waco range from slim and elegant to more bold and robust structures, without compromising on aesthetics.

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Waco produces precast concrete (box) culverts. A culvert is a structure/tunnel that allows water to flow underneath a road, railway, trail, or similar obstruction from one side to the other. The culvert can also be used as a longer artificial buried watercourse. Waco culverts are produced using the Dry-cast as well as the Wet-cast method. This means the concrete is either damp (nearly dry) or wet and fluid when poured in the mould. Both methods have unique benefits, such as time to delivery, strength and efficiency. In addition to these characteristics, we also take requirements regarding the superimposed load and matching reinforcement into account.

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Waco contributes to the extension of the canopy over the A12-Malieveld, The Hague. For this project, Waco produced the bespoke precast concrete elements, bridge deck, precast middle walls and concrete slabs. 




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