Integral bridge for the centre of Zevenbergen

Integral bridge for the centre of Zevenbergen

During the redevelopment of the centre in Zevenbergen, the harbour was reopened. This will both restore the water connection and give a boost to the centre of Zevenbergen. Commissioned by Gebr Schouls BV, Waco produced the prefab bridge girders for the integral bridge.

Refurbishment of the centre of Zevenbergen

From the point of view of local interests, the Municipality of Moerdijk was in charge of the project. The municipality is also investing in the preconditions to make the return of the water possible and the connecting public space. The umbrella project Centre Development Zevenbergen consists of a number of sub-projects for this purpose. “The primary aim of reopening the harbour was to restore the water connection of the Rode Vaart. This will improve the water quality and thus also maintain/bring the natural values in the polder area up to standard. In addition, the reopening of the harbour means an enormous boost for the centre of Zevenbergen.

Prefab integral bridge

There are a number of bridges over the waterway for pedestrians to cross. Waco produced the prefabricated bridge girders for the traffic bridge that can also be used by cars. This integral bridge consists of one prefabricated middle girder and two prefabricated edge girders. The side of the bridge is finished with a steel frame and railings. The bridge is incorporated into the quay, which is finished with brickwork.

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