Next generation solutions

Our ambition

Waco innovates and experiments to reduce CO2 emissions in our own production to zero within the foreseeable future.In 2023, we kicked off our journey by introducing and testing elements made from geopolymer concrete and incorporating recycled concrete aggregate. Additionally, we are actively exploring plant-based alternatives.

Our ambition is not a solitary pursuit; we stand united within the Concrete Valley Group, of which we are a part, thereby leveraging collective expertise.Together, we seek partners who share our vision, support our mission and help us realise our sustainable objectives.

Sustainable concrete mix: Vibers

To minimise our ecological footprint, we have partnered with Vibers TM. In 2018, we introduced a sustainable concrete mix infused with Miscanthus fibres to the market in partnership with Vibers. A portion of the concrete is replaced with a plant-based alternative, resulting in lower CO2 emissions. Vibers not only offers the smallest ecological footprint but also boasts exceptional technical qualities, enabling us to create more sustainable (and lighter) products.

Geopolymer concrete & recycled concrete aggregate

In 2023, we began the production and testing of elements made from geopolymer concrete. Geopolymer concrete is touted as a replacement for cement and can be the solution to minimising CO2 emissions in the concrete sector. Since 2018, we have embraced recycled concrete aggregate, supporting a circular economy by eliminating the need for new raw materials in the production of our elements. In addition to the above innovative production processes, Waco continues to explore new avenues for sustainable production—a commitment we uphold daily. In addition to the above innovative production processes, Waco continues to explore new avenues for sustainable production —a commitment we uphold daily.

CSC Gold

For our efforts to make our concrete production more sustainable, we were awarded CSC Gold once again in 2023. The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) globally promotes the sustainability of concrete and encourages more responsible production in the industry. Together, we have embraced this sustainable responsibility for years. Here, we believe it is essential that growth and sustainability go hand in hand without hindering each other.


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