About us

We believe in a sustainable future, pushing boundaries together

Complex concrete solutions characterised by quality and scope. Our prefab structural and architectural concrete structures ensure water safety, high-quality infrastructure, high-rise and non-residential buildings and efficient industrial solutions. What came into existence back in 1888 as the Rotterdam cement brick factory called Waning & CO has now grown into a modern and efficient production facility with an enormous capacity.


Our DNA is a common asset that we proudly share within the Concrete Valley Group. We believe in a sustainable future, pushing boundaries together. Waco represents expertise, craftsmanship and innovation. We make the impossible possible, creating constructions and solutions that make a difference. We Create.

  • We have the drive to always excel
  • We embrace complexity
  • Innovation is our second nature
  • We love to push boundaries, making the impossible possible
  • Safety prevails
  • We embrace sporting challenges
  • Collaboration is key to the best solutions
  • Quality is of paramount importance
  • We operate with respect for yourself, each other and the environment

Part of Concrete Valley Group

Waco is part of Concrete Valley Group. The group consists of 7 companies with more than 150 people and 18 nationalities. Each day, we create architectural and functional products and solutions using smart, innovative methods.

We are adventurers who think outside the box. A unique combination of companies, each with its own expertise. These companies form Concrete Valley Group.

Why Waco?

  • We are experienced in major, complex concrete solutions
  • We find the best results in collaboration
  • Transparency is a matter of course
  • Innovating with plant-based raw materials
  • Believing in and working towards a greener construction industry
  • Part of Concrete Valley group
  • Eager to share knowledge
  • More than 100 years of experience